Marcella Gomez

Assistant Professor, Applied Mathematics


 Jianhong Chen

 PhD Candidate, Applied Mathematics



Bethany Johnson

PhD Candidate, Applied Mathematics, *co-advised with Steve Munch at NOAA

Bethany Johnson is a Ph.D. student at UC Santa Cruz in the department of Applied Mathematics. She received a B.S. in Applied Mathematics and a B.A. in Pure Mathematics from Sonoma State University in 2017. Her research interests lie in the realm of systems ecology. Specifically, she studies spatiotemporal dynamics of interacting species in complex ecological systems.



Giovanny Marquez

PhD Candidate, Applied Mathematics


Mohammad Jafari

Postdoctoral Researcher

Mohammad Jafari is currently a Postdoctoral Researcher in the Department of Applied Mathematics at UC Santa Cruz, working with Prof. Marcella Gomez group. He received his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering in 2018 and his second M.S. in Computer Science and Engineering in 2015; both from the University of Nevada, Reno. He received his first M.S. in Mechatronics Engineering in 2012, and his B.S. in Computer Hardware Engineering in 2007; both from Iran. His research interests are Multi-Agent Systems, Cyber-Physical Systems, Intelligent Control, Robotics, and Machine Learning.



Han Chen

Han Chen is an Undergraduate. student at UC Santa Cruz studying bioinformatics and computer science. His research interests are in bioinformatics and biological networks. 

Fall 2019 UROC Researcher 

Setsuka Aust

Hello my name is Setsuka. I am an computer science student at CSUMB and undergraduate  researcher at UCSC. I am from Santa Cruz , Felton more specifically. I love to travel and have been to China several times. I would like to go to Russia or Kazakhstan next. In my free time I enjoy reading, video games, drawing, and yoga. I am very interested in robotics, mathematical modeling, and biomedical engineering. 

2019 BD2K Summer Scholars

Luis F Mieses Gomez

Briknie Baez Rodriguez





 Lauren Benezra, MS

Lauren is interested in the mathematical applications / processes of the cell-based and plant-based meat industry and works on the engineering team for Memphis Meats.

Current position: Reaseach Associate: BioProcess Engineering at Memphis Meats



Summer 2019